Storyboard Artist and Illustrator Alan Wade

A children's book illustration by Alan WadeInside illustrations for Cleopatra's Carpet (Collins London)

Our featured artist today is Alan Wade! Alan is a storyboard artist and illustrator originally from South Africa and currently based in Walnut Creek, California.


A shooting board for a Merck campaignMerck - Shingles campaign for PKT New York


As an illustrator of storyboards, shooting boards and book projects, Alan has a versatile style that varies between gestural to highly detailed and stylized depending on the project. I really like seeing the difference in style between Alan’s children’s novel illustrations and his storyboards. His work with line art in bringing book characters to life is quite stunning, and the sketchy style fits perfectly into the overall tone of children’s fiction.


A sketched storyboard for a Wendy's commercial

Wendy's, storyboard 


Alan’s portfolio is packed with examples of storyboard work for TV advertising spots. In these, the artist uses a few panels to illustrate the run of a short ad, drawing characters in dynamic poses and simplified backgrounds. Even with a basic, gestural style, the viewer really gets a sense of movement and action, making for highly effective storyboards. 


The front page of Alan Wade's illustration websiteThe front page of Alan's portfolio website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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