Exuberant and Expressive Artworks by Katherine M. James

An abstracted painting of a colorful figure and collaged wordsLive Your Ride, mixed media on watercolour paper

Painter Katherine M. James creates exuberant and expressive artworks in which she experiments with style, colour and subject matter. Currently based in Oakville, Ontario, Katherine is a self-taught artist.


A painting of a white lotus flowerWhite Lotus, acrylic on watercolour paper

I really like the huge range of bright colours that appear in Katherine’s works. Sometimes she stays true to the natural colours of her subject, while other times she uses different hues as a way of adding value to shadows and highlights in a portrait or still life. Both methods are visually inviting and show off Katherine’s painting skill in different ways.


A screen capture of the online portfolio of Katherine JamesKatherine's Things gallery of paintings

While the majority of the artist’s works are figurative, I also like the small selection of abstract explorations that she has available on her portfolio. She does a good job of combining different painting methods of line and colour, using large, loose brush strokes and planes of pastel pigment to surround dark, defined lines. These paintings are a great demonstration of the techniques that the artist uses to render her still life, portrait and landscape artworks. 


An abstract painting composed of lines and pastel colorsNo Direction, mixed media on gallery canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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