Clean, Modern Style by Fiona Hawkes

A painting of a rooftop with a city skyline in the backgroundUrban Landscape, acrylic on canvas

Fiona Hawkes is a traditional artist, photographer and designer whose clean, modern style carries through in all of her varied works. Currently living and working on Vancouver Island in BC, Fiona holds a degree from Emily Carr University and works passionately in a range of media.


A photo of a woman in athletic clothing standing outdoorsUntitled, photograph

The front page of Fiona Hawkes'

Fiona’s work in traditional media – drawing and painting, to be exact – is stylistically similar but covers a broad range of subject matter. I really love the artist’s painted works that deal with urban structures. In a couple of acrylic on canvas works, the artist captures scenery including specific buildings and industrial structures with a realism that seems to polish and improve upon the real thing. In other works she uses a combination of watercolours, acrylic and oil medium on wood panel to create aerial city maps in deep, glossy jewel tones that are both beautiful and contradictory to the subject matter.


The artist’s photographic works also cover a broad range of subject matter. Wedding photographs, athletic images and florals are all treated with equal attention to detail, with a crisp, smooth texture that presents even everyday items in a beautiful light. 


A charcoal drawing of a whaleSouthern Right, charcoal on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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