White-Line Woodcut: Art by Bill Evaul

A woodcut print of a crowded city sceneCityCenter, woodcut print

Bill Evaul’s artworks are varied in medium and subject, but all incorporate bright colours and casual lines for an effect that’s as visually pleasing as it is cheerful. Bill has a special interest in a method of printing known as white-line woodcut, and he showcases his many wood block print artworks on his website.


A woodcut print of several ships in harbourSafe Harbor

I like the coloured effect that Bill draws out in his artworks, particularly his white-line woodcut City Skylines series. The colours in these works are primarily warm tones of yellow and red, and they all have a unique, textured look to them, like watercolour washes on heavy paper. The hard lines of Bill’s urban subjects add to the contrast between line and colour in these works.


A gallery of giclee prints on Bill Evaul's art websiteBill's gallery of fine art giclee prints

Bill’s wood block prints are available as giclee prints. Each print captures these interest, illustrative texture of the original work. There’s a wide variety of subject matter on display in Bill’s portfolio, including boats, food and wine, and city skylines. 

A wood cut print of a woman operating an old record playerHer Father's Records

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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