The Meaning of Colours: Art by Ricardo Vela

A mixed media painting on glassFallen Angel, mixed media on glass

Featured artist Ricardo Vela works in many mediums with a special interest in the meaning of colours. While Ricardo’s practice spans a variety of subjects, styles and media, the artist always pays attention to the colours he uses, creating distinctly meaningful finished pieces.


A close-up photo of a red flowerRed Flower, photograph

The mixed media painting gallery on Ricardo Vela's websiteRicardo's recent paintings on his website

Some of Ricardo’s most recent artworks are painted in mixed media on glass. Each different work is intensely textured, sometimes by imperfections in the glass and sometimes by the thickly layered paint and other materials. All of these works utilize colour theory to its full extent, using layered and adjacent planes of colour to create bright, eye-catching contrast. In some cases, the whole substrate is painted a single hue while a splash of something of a different value is thrown on as a finishing touch. These works are mostly abstract, celebrating colour and form without figures.


Ricardo’s fine art photography takes yet another approach to colour. Each image seems to capture a moment in nature where a single colour saturates an entire area. Whether this is a close-up image of a vibrant flower, or a photograph of a deep red sunset, each image captures great natural beauty. 


A digital painting of a swirling flowerJust Wake Up, digital

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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