Rustic, Functional Vessels: Ceramic Art by Kathryn Ruckman

A ceramic  serving dish with textural detailingOval Serving Dish, thrown rim attached to impressed slab

Edmonton-based artist Kathryn Ruckman works primarily in ceramics, creating rustic, functional vessels that have a loving, homemade appeal. The artist also experiments with painting and sculpture with an interest in natural landscapes and forms.


A stack of handmade ceramic bowlsSet of three large serving bowls

The front page of Kathryn Ruckman's websiteThe front page of Kathryn's website

All of Kathryn’s ceramic works have a heavy, tactile appearance to them that invites the viewer to touch and hold them. These works have an aesthetic appeal that is easy to assume works best when they are in use, rather than on display. I enjoy the variety of colours and glaze patterns that Kathryn uses in her works. Each work is unique, though each object fits neatly into the overall series. According to the artist, the nature of the firing technique that she uses often causes the object to shift slightly during the process, allowing for happy accidents and unexpected forms.


The small selection of acrylic paintings that Kathryn presents on her portfolio website also have a certain rustic beauty to them. The simplified forms of trees and plants are rendered in beautiful, warm colours. Take a look at Kathryn’s website for more works, and check out some other ceramics by Elaine Clapper


A painting of a small lake with orange and yellow tonesMayfair Looking South, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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