Aerial Photographs of Vibrant Landscapes by Georg Gerster

An aerial photograph of an oil field in IranAhvaz

Georg Gerster is a Swiss photographer who specializes in aerial photographs of vibrant landscapes. Gerster’s photography has a scientific, documentarian feeling to it, while the images themselves often take on the appearance of huge abstract paintings.


A photograph of an island in IranHormoz Island

Gerster’s photography captures landscapes on all continents from all over the world. From the height that the photos are taken, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact location – only to enjoy the expansive and often colourful appeal of the ground from high above. Gerster often utilizes a helicopter in his photoshoots, using a handheld camera to capture the images as he sits dangling over the edge of the aircraft.


It’s really interesting to be able to compare and contrast the images that the artist captures of different environments. The differences can be drastic, but the same vibrant colours and patterns tend to appear in unexpected places. The appearance of roads and pathways through barren landscapes are like paint drips across a wash of earthy grey or brown. 


An aerial photo of a harvest field in ArgentinaHarvest Pattern in the Pampas, Argetina, 1967

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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