Varied, Experimental Painting by Laura Munteanu

A painting divided into four quadrants, each featuring a silhouetted imagePurpose, acrylic on linen

Our featured artist, Laura Munteanu, was born in Bucharest, Romania, where she studied math and accounting before moving to Switzerland and falling in love with painting. Today Laura maintains a varied, experimental painting practice with subdued colour and bright subjects.


A painting of a couple dancing made with loose brush marksReflection, acrylic on paper canvas

I really enjoy the sense of movement that Laura is able to portray in her artworks. Sometimes she does this by giving her subjects a fluid, stylized form, and other times with elongated and loose brush marks that make it seem as if the entire painting is being carried away by the wind. Laura experiments with both figurative and abstract painting styles, and though her painting style varies, her slightly subdued, darker colour palette remains uniform throughout.


The front page of Laura Munteanu's

Laura’s Me and Friends gallery is filled with the most varied examples of the artist’s painted works. She does a great job of switching between light, floral compositions and dramatic images that juxtapose human forms against deep sunsets and starry skies. 


A painting of a young girl in a pink outfitLittle Pink Riding Hood, acrylic  on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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