Cars and Racing: Art by Tom Kenyon

A linocut print of an automobile partClip, linoleum block print

Tom Kenyon is an American artist whose current practice revolves around cars and racing. Tom has created a fictional artistic narrative that embellishes the story of his grandfather’s automotive parts shop to include car racing.


A black and white linocut print of car partsNight, linoleum block print

Tom’s artworks are varied in medium and style though the artist has a special affinity for lino-cut prints. His gallery of prints and collages is packed with examples of automobile-themed lino-cut prints. I like the minimal use of colour in these prints – Tom tends to favor black and white with touches of bright red, a colour scheme that works particularly well for the heavy, sharp lines of linoleum block prints.

A screen capture of Tom Keyon's art websiteTom's Dreams of Speed gallery


The artist’s Dreams of Speed series uses artwork in a variety of media to tell the story of the fictional racing days of Kenyon Motor Co. Using photographs and other media to form what appear to be found artifacts, Tom spins a complex web of story fragments that leave it largely up to the viewer to piece together a solid narrative. 


An embroidered patch featured the Kenyon Motor Company logoKenyon Motor Co. Patch, embroidery

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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