Nighttime Landscapes: Painting by Meghan Sims

A painting of a night city view from the 86th floor86th Floor, acrylic on canvas

Meghan Sims is a painter who was born in Kitchener, Ontario. The artist has achromatopsia, a condition that affects her sight. Meghan is colourblind and very sensitive to light, two factors which greatly influence her painting style and subject matter. Her works often depict nighttime landscapes and dark imaginary realms.


A painting of the forms created by light and rain through windowsLight and Rain Through Windows, 5, acrylic on canvas


I find Meghan’s sparse use of colour impressive. It’s rare to see a figurative painter use black and white so widely, but the majority of Meghan’s works are desaturated. This leaves the lighting in a piece as the focal point, with fewer distractions for the viewer. Meghan is very good at rendering light, both at its source, and the way it diffuses onto different shapes and objects. In her Solitary Nature series, the artist focuses a lot on moonlight, depicting it reflected in water, and overshadowed by tree branches.


A screen capture of Meghan Sim's online painting portfolioMeghan's Human Essence gallery

Meghan’s Human Essence series features surreal explorations of the human figure. All of these works seem highly conceptual, and while the situations depicted therein are strange and otherworldly, they are expertly rendered. 


A black and white painting of tree branchesBreithaupt Pines, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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