Online Portfolio: Kelsey Kimmel

Art installation with styrofoam, bubble wrap, and projections
"Styrofoam, bubble wrap, QR codes, the Cloud and skin; all of these things were specially designed to store and protect valued entities, be they information, objects or your organs. The content is what these items hold or protect. I use them after they have served their purpose, to function as both a frame for content and as actual content that wasn’t really ever content to begin with. Filling a Styrofoam form with latex negatives of bubble wrap is an example of how these objects can be paradoxical. Pouring plaster over ribbed cardboard corrugation to make physical what would otherwise be immaterial is how I use objects as frames.  I make these individual objects, with different designed purposes, neutrally exist in space, like information that exists and gathers digitally. " - Kelsey Kimmel

View more of Kelsey's artwork on her online portfolio here:

Red sculpture with string

Written by: Eric Deis
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