Soft Yet Detailed: Painting by David Quinlan

A painting of green treesAfter The Blossom has Fallen

New Zealand artist David Quinlan specializes in realistic paintings of landscapes and figures. Using a soft yet detailed style of brushwork, David captures a variety of subjects with an ideal sense of colour and shape.


A painting of an ornate gold tea setThe Vicars Choice, oil on board

Whether he’s painting coastal scenes, landscapes or nude portraits, David’s brush marks are uniform and steady. The result is a softly textured look that lends the paintings a personal style and gestural quality, making them seem slightly more casual despite the intricate detailing that is featured in many of them. I really like the way David renders lighting, giving the objects and scenery in each of his paintings a realistic texture.


A painting of a still beach tideRetreating tide at Miranda, oil on canvas

This style of soft but realistic painting reminds me of the work of Judith Elsasser or Brian Coombes. I quite like all the different subjects that David experiments with – the deep blue tones of his ocean paintings are especially inviting. 


A screen capture of David Quinlan's art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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