Playful, Illustrative Oil Paintings by Katherine Bennett

An oil painting of a masked girl hula hoopingA Girl Hula Hooping, oil on wood panel

Our featured artist today is Katherine Bennett. Katherine lives and works in Orlando, Florida, where she creates playful, illustrative oil paintings depicting such subjects as girls, handbags and farm animals.


An oil painting of a clutch purseOrange Clutch, oil on wood panel

Katherine’s works have a certain delicacy to them that’s interesting and really inviting for the viewer. In her series of Girls in Masks paintings, the subject matter is portrayed with a literal frankness that’s both refreshing and intriguing. Each painting focuses on a central female figure wearing a black mask that calls to mind both superheroes and cartoon cat burglars. The stark black masks contrast with the muted pastel tones and mundane activities portrayed in the paintings to draw the viewer directly to the eyes of each figure.


A screen capture of Katherine Bennett's art websiteThe front page of Katherine's website

Katherine’s Goats and Chickens series features numerous, lovingly rendered paintings of the aforementioned animals. These realistic renderings on stark, monochromatic backgrounds remind me of the work of Lesli Devito with similar subjects. 


A portrait painting of a goatLionel, oil on wood panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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