Survey of Los Angeles Dwellings: Art by Lesley Goren

A painting of the Baldwin Hills area in Los Angeles CountyBaldwin Hills

Lesley Goren’s Survey of Los Angeles Dwellings is a series in which the artist draws and paints small images of various homes in and around the area of Los Angeles County in California. The resulting paintings are simplified, almost geometric depictions of a wide range of homes and the lifestyles therein.


A painting of a house in the Westlake Village area of Los Angeles CountyWestlake Village, gouache on panel


The painting style that Lesley uses in her Los Angeles works is quite inviting – detailed enough that the viewer gets a clear picture of the landscape or subject, yet bright and blocky so as to keep everything uniform and of equal importance. In each of these images, I get the sense of a larger picture and an underlying theme. It’s really nice to be able to see them all side by side in Lesley’s portfolio, as they function as a very cohesive series.


The portfolio of Los Angeles dwellings on Lisa Goren's art websiteLesley's online portfolio of paintings

Lesley’s use of colour is also very pleasing to the eye. In some works, she seems to select one particular tone to stand out above all others, highlighting certain important features. In others, the entire painting seems to melt into one colour or tone.


A drawing of a house in the Lennox neighbourhood of Los Angeles CountyLennox, pencil and gouache on vellum

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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