Photography and Identity: Multimedia Art by Leenda Bonilla

A collage made from found magazine imagesNeoRican Delight, collage with found magazine

Multimedia artist Leenda Bonilla grew up in the Bronx, NY and in Puerto Rico. Her artistic practice spans numerous concepts and styles, though she tends to use photography and identity as a starting point.


An installation view of an art piece made from pans and fake plantainsOllas de Cocina (detail), ceramic, video, resin plantains, found objects


Oftentimes, Leenda’s works take the form of collages. These collages are sometimes composed with photographs, and other times with found magazine images. Leenda often combines the two, creating surreal images that seem to speak a language of personal identity. The artist has also created a number of collaborative works, taking the form of installations in the gallery and in public spaces. Her portfolio is packed with documentation of several installation pieces that attempt to explain and explore Puerto Rican culture.


A concept sheet for an artwork using the game Twister as a basePisaPiel 2.0, collaboration with StatusHoe Collective

As a member of the StatusHoe Collective, Leenda helped create a public, interactive art piece that took the form of a twister board with the usual primary coloured dots replaced with circles depicting different skin tones. 


A screen capture of Leenda Bonilla's art websiteThe front page of Leenda's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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