Painted Media and Crochet by Beverly Parson White

An oil painting of autumnal treesRed Tree, oil on canvas

Beverly Parson White is an artist who works in both painted media and crochet. The artist’s warm, soft style carries over from her dreamy landscapes into her useful crochet projects which include purses, dishcloths and pot holders.


A painting of an outcropping of rocks on the shoreSea with Rocks, oil on canvas

I enjoy the slightly loose brush work that Beverly uses in her paintings. Her current portfolio features a number of landscape paintings as well as portraits of both people and pets. Many of the artist’s landscape works feature warm colours, and tones that suggest sunsets. The subject matter of these oil paintings ranges from trees to flowers to underwater life, though a common motif is shorelines, or distant ocean horizons.


A screen capture of Beverly Parson White's art websiteSome crocheted purses available on Beverly's website

Beverly’s crocheted works are created with an expert hand. Though these pieces are made with functionality in mind, that doesn’t detract from the visual appeal – something like the functional pottery of Elaine Clapper. Beverly lives and works near Dallas, Texas with her children and numerous pets. 


Two crocheted pot holders and a wash cloth2 Pot Holders and 1 Wash/Dish Cloth, 100 percent cotton

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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