Landscapes, Pets and Horses: Art by Mark Rowland

An oil painting of a horse on a black backgroundGatsby, oil on canvas

Mark Rowland has been an avid art creator for most of his life. Currently living and working in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Mark creates stunning, sweeping representational paintings of landscapes, pets and horses.


A loose painting of a lone tree in a fenced-off meadowUntitled

Mark’s style celebrates detail and realism though the artist also allows room in his practice for experimentation with different brush strokes. In certain landscape paintings, Mark takes a looser, more gestural approach to image making, resulting in simple, yet pleasing paintings. The artist has included a selection of life drawing studies in his portfolio, and I like how the skills that he demonstrates in this gallery translate into the figures that appear in his commissioned paintings and other works.


A screen capture of the front page of Mark Rowland's

Many of Mark’s commissioned works are portraits of pets, particularly dogs. He portrays numerous different dog breeds in a highly detailed fashion, each painting imbued with an air of nobility that shows the dog as seen through the loving gaze of its owner. 


A painting made for a horse race poster in CarolinaCarolina Cup, oil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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