Artist Portfolio: Lesley Goren

Painting of a house in Los Angeles
I began Survey of Los Angeles Dwellings to explore the concept of "home" in Los Angeles. I  wanted to observe the uniqueness and similiarities of our dwellings throughout this vast metropolis.

The project consists of creating a series of small paintings and drawings of homes from each of the 200+ cities, unincorporated areas, and communities within Los Angeles County. This includes Malibu, Compton, Beverly Hills, Silverlake, Long Beach, Skid Row... everything. I drive to a neighborhood, get out of the car and walk around until I get some sort of feeling for the area. Then I find a residential building (or trailer, or tent or ?) and take photos.

Back in the studio I make a painting or drawing from the photos, really trying to focus on bringing out interesting elements unique to that building and its neighborhood. The diversity and the stories, the different landscapes, the ideas present in each of the homes all come together to paint a bigger picture of what LA is to all of us.


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Painting of Vermont Vista in Los Angeles

Written by: Eric Deis
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