Textural, Celebratory Abstracts: Art by Peter Barron

A painting of a landscape built from abstract brush marksAncient (future) landscape 2, acrylic and oil

Peter Barron is a painter and printmaker who works in both abstraction and figurative artwork. The artist utilizes each given medium to its fullest potential, creating textural, celebratory abstracts with paint, and political, almost grotesque woodcut prints.


An abstract painting with bright, varied colours on a light blue backgroundAt least a couple, acrylic and oil


I really love the sheer multitude of colour that Peter is able to cram into a single painting. Using a variety of different sizes and shapes of brush work, the artist creates cascades of paint that suggest images while they cascade across the canvas surface. In his most recent paintings, the artist takes the basic form of a landscape and recreates it using a rainbow of paints. The paint is layered on for a thick, three-dimensional texture.


A screen capture of Peter Barron's online portfolioPeter's Self Portraits gallery


Peter’s woodcut prints are also quite beautiful. Creating intricately lined images with the particular style that the medium affords, the artist depicts everything from protests to portraits to political cartoons. I like the way these are colored, in monochromatic blocks that seem to lend more substance to the imagery. 


A woodcut print of G20 protesters in CanadaUntitled, woodcut print


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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