Literary Performance by Marie-Hélène Tessier

A photograph of a bag of gold dust used in an art performanceGOLD DUST (detail), site-specific performance at the Rennie Collection at Wing Sang, Vancouver

Marie-Hélène Tessier is a Canadian artist who works collaboratively in the field of literary performance. Marie-Hélène’s works combine a wide range of media and disciplines, to create shared experiences that question relationships and collective existence.


A photograph of a tent city built on Vancouver's Second BeachE q u i l u x, installation on Second Beach, Vancouver

The artist’s online portfolio collects her works and performances in a way that reveals just enough without showing us the whole piece. In many cases, because the work is performative, what exists in the portfolio is a series of inspiration and referential images, sometimes photographs of the performance itself and sometimes images and text that sit beside the performance.


A screen capture of a page on Marie-Hélène Tessier's websiteODE to the Librarian, a page on Marie-Hélène's website

Overall, the work Marie-Hélène displays oscillates between highly conceptual and philosophical tones, run through a filter of low-brow, mundane, commercialized signs and signifiers. Many of Marie-Hélène’s works also incorporate very current media such as text messaging and Facebook, questioning art’s arbitrary separation from the everyday, and attempting to reposition it within regular activities. 


A study for an abstract painting with blue rectangular formsswimming pools swimming (sketch for painting), acrylic on paper


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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