Exploring the Body: Artwork by Caroline Boileau

An installation piece dealing with the history of linenA fleur de peau... la chambre de L., installation

Montreal-based artist Caroline Boileau makes work exploring the body through a social and medical lens. The artist’s interdisciplinary practice encompasses drawing, installation, performance, photography and video.


A set of stills from a performance of the artist climbing along a wallSpace Travel Takes Time (stills), live web performance

Caroline’s practice, though incredibly varied, has a certain delicate appeal that seems to run cohesively through a great number of her works. Her installations use a range of media, though negative space, neutral colors, and explorations of materials and their uses are common themes. In one recent work, for example, the artist looked at the many different uses and historical connotations of linen, linking stories, characters and experiences with this common thread.


A screen capture of the front page of Caroline Boileau's art websiteThe front page of Caroline's website

Medical imagery and objects are another common motif in Caroline’s works. I’m quite fascinated by her series of drawings. The medical undertones in these works are subtle, but each functions as a self-contained, imperfect body, subject to medical intervention. Using thin washes of ink or watercolor, the artist depicts fragmented or dream-like bodies for which the viewer fills in the blanks. 


A drawing of pale, abstracted body partsPetit fantôme

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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