Peaceful and Subdued Paintings by Marion Krahn

A loose acrylic painting of a beachLockeport Beach, acrylic

Marion Krahn creates peaceful and subdued paintings of seascapes and botanical subjects. The artist also experiments with photography, creating images that exist both in stark contrast and complement to her painted works.


A painting of prairie grasses from a low vantage pointPrairie Grass and Sky, acrylic on canvas

Based in Kelowna, Marion takes inspiration from the wilderness of British Columbia and other areas. I like the way she simplifies dense foliage and detailed landscapes into beautiful, cohesive images. It’s interesting to look at the similarities and differences between Marion’s Maritime paintings and her Botanical works. The Maritime ones tend to be even more subdued, using sea-foam and sand colours, blending them together in thick, deliberate brush strokes over the surface of the canvas.


A screen capture of Marion Krahn's art website

The Botanical Series gallery on Marion's website 


Marion’s photographs offer a very different take on similar subject matter – in many cases, foliage and water in the same frame. Forests of spindly trees or grasses hanging over creeks and ponds are common motifs. Many of these works are black and white, in stark contrast to the overall washes of Marion’s painted pieces. 


A photograph of some mist over a rural pondUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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