Everyday Women: Illustration by Sally Nixon

An illustration of a woman eating a slice of cake



Arkansas illustrator Sally Nixon recently enjoyed Internet fame for her series of charming illustrations of everyday women in mundane situations. Technically brilliant, these evocative illustrations have the aura of storybook images for grown-ups.


I enjoy the way that the artist renders the mundane in such detail, and with such an appealing approach. Nixon’s subjects are all women, and each one seems to be her own distinct character – different hairstyles and clothing choices set each one apart, while they all seem to exist in a single universe. It would be really interesting to see these images as part of a graphic novel, as they all have a distinct narrative about them.


An illustration of a woman with red glassesUntitled

Some of the artist’s works don’t feature figures at all, instead focusing on pieces of furniture, wallpaper patterns and small items like magazines, bottles of lotion or kitchen implements. The attention to detail that’s shown when rendering these small objects really elevates these illustrations into something memorable.


A drawing of a blue armchair and a side tableUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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