Headlines: Richard Prince, Pigeons and Paris

1) Richard Prince Sued Over Sid Vicious Photo

A screen capture of lawsuit documents for Richard Prince vs Dennis Morris


Richard Prince, along with his representative, Gagosian Gallery, is being sued yet again, this time by music photographer Dennis Morris. Morris is suing for copyright infringement over his famous photo of Sex Pistols frontman Sid Vicious. The suit claims that Prince made derivative artworks that unfairly used the photo. The two Prince works in question consist of a composite image with four black-and-white photos of celebrities (including the one of Vicious), and another older work in which Prince used a repeating grid of Morris’ photo to obscure an image of Jackson Pollock. Morris also states that Prince posted an image of the Vicious photo on his Instagram account, advertising the work as “for sale.”


2) Duke Riley's Trained Pigeons Enjoy an Extension

A photo by Tod Seelie of Duke Riley's Fly by Night


Duke Riley’s immensely popular public performance artwork Fly by Night has been extended through the weekend of June 19th, in Brooklyn, NY. For the work, Riley trained over 2,000 homing pigeons to fly in a specific pattern over the east river, strapping LED lights to each bird so that the flock creates astonishing patterns in the dusk sky. So far the work has enjoyed back-to-back sold-out performances, with as many as 40,000 people on the waiting list. Close-up seating for the performances is available only to members of the NY art organization Creative Time, though the birds are visible from Manhattan.


3) Musée Girodet Reeling After Severe Flooding Damage to Artworks


A photo of a damaged painting at the Musee Girodet


Last week the Louvre in Paris, France was forced to close its doors to visitors to facilitate the relocation of a number of priceless artworks that were being put at risk by excessive flooding in the area. This week, the nearby Musée Girodet fell victim to what the Louvre’s staffers had feared – severe water damage to hundreds of artworks in its collection. The museum, mainly dedicated to works by the 18th-century French painter Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson, had been closed for renovations since 2012 but was slated to reopen in 2017 – a date that has now been pushed back in light of the loss of numerous paintings and sculptures after the underground storage vault filled with water.


4) New York Art Project (Temporarily) Legalizes Graffitti

A photo of graffitti as part of Writing On it All


The fourth edition of the Writing On it All project, located on Governor’s Island in NY, will give residents and visitors the chance to legally graffiti a set of abandoned homes in the area. According to the event’s organizers, Alexandra Chasin and Zena Goodall, a space for graffiti is intended to empower participants and allow them to make their voices and opinions heard, through a forum that is traditionally silenced by authority. The event started on June 4th this year, and will feature a series of speakers and facilitators offering ideas and prompts that writers are encouraged to respond to through the graffiti.


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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