Bright, Earthy Images by Michele Barnes

An encaustic painting of underwater sponges and coralsCrinoids, encaustic

Michele Barnes holds degrees in both Science and Fine Art from Queens College C.U.N.Y., and the scientific influence on her artistic practice is palpable. The artist’s bright, earthy images often depict botanical and biological subjects with a focus on texture and color.


A monotype print with a red bird figureMonotype with Red Bird

Michele’s practice covers a range of media and stylistic approaches, though she has a special affection for encaustic painting. In the encaustic works in her portfolio, she utilizes the wax medium as a vehicle for creating three-dimensional texture as well as uniquely tonal colors. Her vibrant blues remind me a little of the encaustic artworks of Liba Labik.


A screen capture of Michele Barnes' art websiteMichele's website front page


The artist also has a great interest in Western calligraphy, and offers several examples of this type of work in her portfolio. Using various paint and ink with both brushes and nibs, Michele renders quotes about art in a beautiful style that would look at home in a medieval manuscript. 


A caligraphy text artwork featuring a quote rendered in blue and green textGothicized Italic in Watercolour

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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