Soft, Realistic Oil Paintings by Ginny Paternite

An oil painting of a sparse branch in a glass vaseGlass and Brass, oil

Artist Ginny Paternite is based in Charleston, South Carolina where she creates soft, realistic oil paintings on a wide range of subjects. The artist’s portraits, landscapes and architectural paintings display a great affection for the local environment.


A painting of two boats moored on a quiet body of waterCinque Terre

I rather enjoy Ginny’s Landscape series in her portfolio. These works mainly depict rural, seaside landscapes, sometimes including figures or small buildings. Water, whether a small creek running through a field, or the water at a sea or lakeshore, is a frequent motif in these works. The variation in the way that Ginny depicts water creates interest within a fairly cohesive series.

The architectural painting gallery on Ginny Paternite's art websiteGinny's gallery of architectural and interior paintings


Ginny creates much of her work on a commissioned basis, and her pet portraits are no exception. I like the slightly theatrical lighting that the artist uses in a lot of these works. It lends the animal subjects a certain regality and flair. Dogs, cats, birds and cows alike are given great personality and charm at the artist’s hand. 


A painting of two dogs asleep in a chairBest Buds, acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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