Flowing Abstractions: Art by Steven J. Simmons

A mixed media abstract work with bright blue and yellow tones79th St. Transcendence, acrylic, tempera, epoxy resin and fiberglass on canvas

Steven J. Simmons specializes in flowing abstractions and three-dimensional works. Deep, electric blues and crashing waves are common motifs in the artist’s recent works.


A small sculpture of a curling blue waveWave of the Wale Tail, acrylic, styrofoam and fiberglass on canvas

A self-taught artist, Steven’s work is informed by his childhood enjoyment of painting, as well as a more recent hobby: surfing. The artist uses various resins and epoxies in his art, stating that his interest in these materials developed alongside his learning to construct and repair surfboards. The use of these materials, in conjunction with more traditional media like acrylic paint, lead to interestingly layered visuals that have wonderfully shiny, tactile surfaces.


A screen capture of Steven J. Simmons' art websitewww.stevenjsimmons.com


In his three-dimensional works, Steven frequently utilizes epoxy as well as Styrofoam and fiberglass to create prismatic shapes, sculpted waves, and sculptures with kinetic elements and lights. These sculptures have a unique playfulness to them, and the texture invites closer observation.  The bright colors and geometric forms a reminiscent of the works of Magali Hébert-Huot.

A small painting of black forms on an orange backgroundTsunami Conference Call, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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