Community and Introspection: Art by Daniel T. Lopez

A mural painting celebrating the "Three Sisters" cropsThe Three Sisters Mural

Daniel T. Lopez’s portfolio is widely varied and packed with works that explore the human condition in its many changing states. Through figurative and abstract painting, as well as murals in collaboration with Dano Lopez, the artist encourages a sense of community and introspection.

A mural depicting the sacred feminine spiritThe Scared Feminine Mural (center detail)

I really like seeing so many examples of mural work on Daniel’s website. In the case of these larger murals, Daniel works as the head artist, coming up with the idea and composition, then employs the help of artists or community members in finishing it. The resulting works are both artistically distinct and diverse, with a closer vantage point undoubtedly offering a look at a range of developing and developed art styles.


The front page of Daniel T. Lopez and Dano Lopez' websiteThe front page of Daniel's website


Daniel has also created a number of sculptures, using primarily wood and clay. These sculptures, like his paintings, pay special attention to curvature and movement, creating flowing, organic-looking forms. Check out more of Daniel’s work on his portfolio website, and for more mural art take a look at Grace Ann Piano and Robert Milling

An abstract painting with a humanoid form at the centerStar Dust

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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