Earthy, Sculpted Vessels by Vicky Smith

A photo of two fish-shaped sculpted vasesTwo Fish

Vicky Smith taught ceramics at UNCW for over 10 years, and now maintains a ceramics practice out of her own studio in Greene County, NC. Working in clay, she creates earthy, sculpted vessels, as well as textured wall art pieces.


A photo of a ceramic bowl with a sculpted bird on either sideWood Fired Turquiose Birds

The style with which Vicky creates her ceramic vessels seems to reference ancient clay work. The details of each piece display a heavy touch of the artist’s hand, with a certain flair for displaying the beauty of imperfection and randomness. In light, rustic tones, the pieces reference the natural materials from which they are made. I also like the variety of shapes that Vicky coaxes out of clay – whether it’s a round, flat serving dish or a tall, narrow vase, each piece has its’ own identity.


A screen capture of a gallery on Vicky Smith's art websiteVicky's gallery of hand-thrown ceramic works


The artist’s two-dimensional works are also wonderful celebrations of the materiality of clay itself. These rely heavily on an earthy, deep texture that has a distinct and inviting warmth to it. Vicky tends to combine abstract layering with sculpted elements like fish and nautilus shells that take on the appearance of fossils in the earth. 


A two-dimensional clay work with a school of fishTerra 14, clay composite on wood

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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