Sweeping Landscapes: Art by Brent Ciccone

An oil painting of an expansive Alberta landscapeLeighton's View, oil on canvas

Brent Ciccone is a painter based in Calgary, Alberta. The artist’s works mainly focus on the nature and sweeping landscapes of the Canadian prairies and surrounding areas. Using a combination of softly blended backgrounds and sharp, tight foreground work, Brent’s paintings and pastel works draw the eye all across the image.


A pastel drawing of two birds sitting in a treeCedar Waxwing Buddies, pastel on paper

I enjoy the range of colour that Brent brings into each of his paintings – even when the subject matter doesn’t seem inherently prismatic, the artist builds light and shadow out of unexpected hues, adding interest and excitement to landscapes, plants and animals. In many cases, particularly in his close-up floral and foliage images, the background is blurred and obscured, and becomes almost a separate abstract work, with fields of pure colour blending to suggest more leaves or plants.


A screen capture of the UnClassified gallery on Brent Ciccone's websiteBrent's UnClassified gallery on his website


Brent’s UnClassified series features artworks that, while a departure from his usual subject matter, showcase the artist’s versatility and his consistent style. Classically-styled landscapes are right at home next to a fascinatingly detailed pastel close-up of a rusted railway bridge. Find these images and more on Brent’s portfolio website. 


A pastel drawing of a pair of white apple blossomsApple Blossoms, pastel on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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