New England Landscapes by Carmela Martin

A mixed media abstraction with lavender tonesUntitled, mixed media

Carmela Martin’s artwork is often inspired by New England landscapes. The artist uses pastels, oil paint and cold wax medium to create heavily textured abstracts, figurative works and, of course, landscapes that express and peaceful, contemplative state.


A pastel drawing of a red roosterBig Red, pastel


I enjoy the way Carmela draws on her figurative techniques to inform her abstract paintings. It’s clear that the artist has a skill for creating volumes and forms, and these techniques with lighting and shadow come into subtle play in her abstract paintings. The works in the artist’s abstract gallery range from nearly monochromatic fields, to panels of multitudinous colour.


A screen capture of the landscape gallery on Carmela Martin's websiteCarmela's Landscapes painting gallery


Carmela’s landscape paintings are quite beautiful in their simplicity. In general, the artist goes without details such as trees or buildings, instead focusing her landscape on plains and seashores, where the horizon line is the defining characteristic of the land. Contrasting planes of colour, textured with pale lines of cold wax medium, give these works a quiet mystery, inviting longer looks from viewers. 


A painting of a seascape emphasizing a purple skySeascape, oil and cold wax

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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