Patterns and Prints: Art by Catherine Bourassa-Hébert

An abstract painting with repeating geometric formsCSS I Untitled 6, acrylic on canvas

Catherine Bourassa-Hébert is a Canadian artist who specializes in patterns and prints. Based in both Montreal and Boston, Catherine continues a practice built around the examination of shape and color.

A screen print of two circles covered by a repeating chevron patternCSS II Untitled 3 (1 of 1), screen print on paper


I find Catherine’s multiple Circle Studies Series quite attractive. Each work is different, and yet the numerous acrylic paintings in these galleries are a very cohesive set. They seem to operate on a calculated formula, referencing the mathematical origins of the geometric forms they represent. Using thin washes of paint in bright, complementary colours, Catherine creates delicate images that are sometimes benign and friendly, and other times deeply intriguing.

The front page of Catherine Bourassa-Hébert's art website

The front page of Catherine's website


The artist’s other paintings and prints share a similar splashy, abstract sensibility. In OWLS (The Dan Series), Catherine uses a screen print of an owl on paper as the basis for each work, editing the image by splashing paints and other media over it and lending each image its own distinct identity. 

A screen print of a white owl on a black backgroundOwl #1 Yellow (1 of 1), screen print on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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