Delicate Minimalist Abstractions by Ane Vester

An abstract minimalist painting with squares of baby blue and pinkReconstruction of a memory including a book about twins, 2016

Danish artist Ane Vester creates delicate minimalist abstractions that often take personal subject matter - such as memories­ – as inspiration. Vester also plays with the formal aspects of installation, in some cases painting directly on the walls of a gallery space.


The artist’s series of Wooden Post works is one that I find quite interesting. While at first glance they are simple, the variation in color and form throughout the series as a whole creates a fascinating whole. Each work features stripes of two different colors, usually a dark hue paired with a stripe of white or a lighter hue such as yellow. Vester’s attention to color theory encourages her audience to examine the way that colors work with each other on a flat surface, as well as how they interact with the shadows created by the unusual substrate.


A painting on a narrow wooden postWooden Post


I also enjoy Vester’s paintings based on reconstructions or recollections of memory. Several works deal with the memory of one specific object, expressing its color, while others attempt to reconstruct settings or scenarios using only planes of color.

A painting of red and white stripes on a small wood blockWooden Post Red White

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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