Contradictory Characteristics: Sculpture by Romain Langlois

A sculpture of a wood plank with fabric-like foldsChevron

French sculptor Romain Langlois takes natural forms and adds contradictory characteristics. Combining the materiality of multiple objects into one form, Langlois’ sculptures are frequently worthy of double-takes.


A sculpture of a stone with a molten coreAttraction de L'Espace, bronze

In some of Langlois' most well-known works, natural forms like boulders and logs are imbued with a surreal beauty in the form of what looks like molten gold erupting from their cores. In one work, the inside off a hollowed-out log is painted with a shiny, flowing coat of gold metal. In another, a large, unassuming stone is broken in half to reveal strands of viscous gold holding it together like lava.


I’m also really taken by the sculptures in which a plank of wood or a tree stump is cast from bronze, and made to look bent or creased like thick fabric or pliable clay. Langlois’ sculptural skill introduces three separate material existences, without making the sculpture ook overworked. With these sculptures, the artist lets the viewer question the true nature of so many familiar materials. 

A sculpture of a skull with iron filingsMasque de Jericho, bronze and iron filings

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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