Studio Sunday: Mie Yim

A photograph of Mie Yim in her New York studio


Korean-born, New York-based artist Mie Yim’s painting practice focuses on abstract yet voluminous forms. Her recent work features elongated, tubular structures that snake across the surface of the canvas, intersecting with themselves and other forms to create a whole image.


In the above photo, Yim’s studio looks like an industrious, business-like operation. The artist is posed quite imposingly with her works, giving one the impression that she takes her art, or at least these works, seriously. A high stool perched next to a tall table might be where the artist completes sketch works and studies. The table appears to be wrapped in brown craft paper, making it easy for Yim to splash paint all over the place.


I also like being able to see the artist next to her works, given the monumental scale of the art pieces. It looks like there are a few in the background that are a foot - or more - taller than the artist herself. I wonder if the artist works on her paintings over a flat surface, or uses an easel with a step-stool.


Besides her massive paintings, Yim also produces smaller, illustrative works in a distinct, watery and blotchy style. She has created a book of sketches, as well as her ongoing collection of food drawings, each of which takes a single food item and recreates it in a cute, intensely sweet fashion. While decidedly different in style, these food drawings make me hungry for the work of Cindy Scaife or Joel Penkman.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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