Architectural Forms and Negative Space: Art by Susan Gransby

A reduction linocut of a bandstand in a public parkAlexandra Bandstand

Artist Susan Gransby uses printmaking and mixed media techniques to create constructed sketches that celebrate architectural forms and negative space. Born in London, England and currently located in Vancouver, BC, Susan’s practice is informed by urban, industrial settings.


A mixed media work with bamboo imagery on a neutral backgroundBamboo/Bamboo, mixed media

I’m impressed by Susan’s reduction linocuts, in which the artist is able to portray fairly complex scenes in a very interesting and original style. With Vancouver landmarks featuring prominently as subject matter, the two-or-three-toned linocut prints express the landscape in an illustrative, two-dimensional way that’s perfectly stylized and never boring.


A screen capture of Susan Gransby's websiteThe front page of Susan's website


Susan’s mixed media works hold to a similar aesthetic, but pare down the imagery to its most skeletal, basic form. These works feature images made through different means, pasted together into almost-abstract compositions on neutral paper. The compositions have a meditative peacefulness to them while the carefully placed images draw the eye expertly across the work. 


A mixed media collage work featuring smaller works mounted on a neutral sheetHasui's Clouds

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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