Tight, Deliberate Brush Strokes: Art by George Servais

A painting of a lighthouse on a rocky shoreLighthouse, acrylic on canvas

Featured artist George Servais is based in Philadelphia, where he creates acrylic paintings on a wide variety of subjects, from sci-fi scenes to pets. George’s works are designed with a great attention to detail and tight, deliberate brush strokes.


A painting of a rabbit hiding in a snowy patch of grassWatcher in the Weeds, acrylic on board


I’m really taken by George’s Space Themes series – the paintings in this gallery take the form of science bizarre science fiction landscapes from other worlds. A diverse range of different scenery from different planets presents a wide range of color and texture, and also shows off the artist’s skill at working with unique subject matter.


The front page of George Servais' websiteThe front page of Geroge's website


The artist’s landscape paintings also seem to have an air of fantasy about them – whether it’s a painting of a mysterious waterfall or a quaint cabin in the woods, every scene seems to be pulled straight from George’s imagination, or the pages of a novel. This makes it all the more impressive that George is able to render these scenes realistically, leaving the viewer wondering about the location of a particularly beautiful scene. 


A painting of two suns setting over an alien landscapeSpace Themes, acrylic on board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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