Geometric Composition: Art by Sarah Trundle

A painting of peony flowers in a green meadowPeonies at Ramsay, oil on canvas

Charlottesville, Virginia-based artist Sarah Trundle specializes in vibrant landscape and still-life paintings in a varied and controlled style. She brings this style to the forefront in her abstract works, focusing on the combination of geometric composition and ethereal colour.


A painting of a foggy morning over a horizonMisty Morning, oil on canvas

Sarah’s portfolio is packed with great examples of how the artist is able to adapt her painting technique to suit the mood that she wants to coax out of an image. Her still-life and floral gallery, for example, is packed with very loose, almost geometric floral forms that distill the patterns of petals and stems down to a scientific base. Alongside these looser paintings are tight, detailed images that focus on the beautiful color and realistic texture of each individual petal.


The still life and flowers gallery on Sarah Trundle's art websiteThe Still Life/Flowers gallery on Sarah's portfolio

I also really enjoy Sarah’s landscape paintings – in particular, her monochromatic fields that express the sky over a distant horizon. Usually working in pale blue and grey tones, the artist creates a very distinct tone for an indistinct image, and the result is a painting that seems to expand beyond the space of the canvas. 


A painting of some paper white flowers in a glass vasePaperwhites, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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