Dramatic Lighting and Intense Detail: Photos by Cody Blain Jones

A photo of a man standing in front of Prada MarfaTy Prada, Marfa

Cody Blain Jones is a creative and commercial photographer based in Austin, Texas. Working with a range of subjects from products to portraits, the artist has a flair for dramatic lighting and intense detail.


A soft focus photo of the moon behind a plantMoon through the trees


Cody’s creative work is focused on topics of psychology and the mind. I like his decision to group creative photos by concept, rather than by subject. The resulting series are like visual storyboards, giving the viewer the framework of a story, setting the tone, and letting you fill in the blanks.


His Somnambulism series features a number of photographs of human subjects, though each presents a different style and tone, ranging from obscured silhouettes of people to sharply lit models. The gallery is interspersed with lightly abstracted images of nature, close-up flowers, a full moon and nighttime foliage. The resulting series feels heavily referential to sleep and dreams, despite a lack of direct sleep imagery.


The portrait gallery on Cody Blain Jones' websiteCody's portfolio of portrait photography


Cody’s commercial photography, by contrast, focuses on showing us every minute detail of a product or architectural form, utilizing bright, direct lighting and sharp shadows. These commercial photographs are similar in intensity to the work of Sam Kaplan.


A commercial photograph of a Pentax cameraPentax

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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