Other Narratives: Art by Chloé Surprenant

A manipulated photo featuring gray tones and an obscured human figureUntitled

Chloé Surprenant divides her time between her native Montreal, and Amsterdam, with plenty of time for travelling in-between. The artist’s works are focused on foreign or other narratives, concerning both places and the people that inhabit them.


A darkened photo of an interior spaceUntitled


In her work, Chloé frequently utilizes a combination of photography, acrylic paint and photo-manipulation techniques. The resulting works are dreamlike and function well as an overall series, telling a fragmented story though memory and image. I enjoy the way the artist contrasts vibrant colours with a generally restricted colour scheme in each work. Many of the works seem sepia-tinted or yellowed with age, solidifying their identity as slightly foreign memories.


A screen capture of Chloe Surprenant's art websiteChloé's online portfolio of photographs


I’m intrigued by the way that Chloé introduces figures in her work. Human figures are frequently partial, and often have their faces turned away, blurred, or otherwise removed from the equation. While the stories in question may apply to very specific individuals, these obscured figures make it easy for the viewer to place themselves in the range of situations that appear in the artist’s photos. 


A photo manipulation of two obscured human figures in a fieldUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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