Media and Memory: Art by Alan Disparte

An encaustic art piece featuring fragmented human formsSpace and Joy, encaustic

Multimedia artist Alan Disparte uses his work to respond to media and memory, utilizing a range of styles and implements to do so. His portfolio features works in encaustic, paint, photography and video.


Guns and Bones


Alan’s painted works are truly engrossing, each one packed with a variety of different styles and formal sensibilities, creating pictures that seem to simultaneously reference art history and digitized imagery. Many of these works walk a delicate line between figuration and abstraction, with partial forms and suggestions of figures emerging through clouds of overlapping colour and shape.


A screen capture of Alan Disparte's online painting galleryAlan's painting gallery


The artist’s video works are jarring yet still draw the viewer in with an intense pace and cryptic symbolism. Alan’s technique for making many of his videos seems relatively simple and focused on manual, practical effects. The resulting works have a craft-like, stop-motion aesthetic. Combined with heavily distorted sounds, the imagery produces an interesting feeling of discomfort, and fascination.


An abstract painting with bright colors and geometric elementsStrand, acrylic on canvas stretched over wood panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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