Ornate Ironwork by Kinghorn Blacksmithing

A photo of a custom copper screen in a homeCopper Screen - Custom

Kinghorn Blacksmithing, helmed by metal sculptor Michael Kinghorn, creates custom furniture, staircases, lighting and more for commercial and private clients. Located in Wakefield, Quebec, the studio specializes in ornate ironwork and restoration projects.


A cast iron lamp shaped like a large spiderSpider


Kinghorn Blacksmithing builds custom furniture from scratch, but also creates additions for existing furniture and spaces, adding finely-made details that will stand the test of time. I really enjoy seeing works like custom copper screens and bookcase doors. Each has a unique style that adds a rustic, fantastical flair to a space.


The furniture gallery on Kinghorn Blacksmithing's websiteThe Kinghorn Blacksmithing furniture gallery


The company’s custom tables, often finished with glass tops, are particularly interesting. Each starts as a run-of-the-mill iron framework, but the blacksmiths add clever details and curves, frequently going so far as to create a custom sculpture in the middle of the table. These abstracted sculptures look like living creatures, while the surrounding table framework becomes like a tank for an exotic pet. 


A custom coffee table with an alien creature sculpted into itCreature-Custom

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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