Landscapes and Architectural Views: Art by Lully Schwartz

A painting of trees on three separate panelsFour Trees Triptych


Painter Lully Schwartz creates works that celebrate light, offering lightly gestural, yet accurate images of various landscapes and architectural views. Lully works through a process of sketching a scene several times before painting it, creating a finished product that shows off a studied approach.


A painting of the Eiffel Tower at nightEiffel in Paint, acrylic on archival canvas


While based in the U.S., the artist has travelled to France, where she was exposed to a wide range of subject matter for painting. Her French Series gallery is packed with scenes from Paris and the surrounding areas, all painted in a loose, impressionistic style. Lully really favors deep blues and greens in her nature works, painting vibrant trees and bodies of water, with yellow and deep brown patches creating the look of dappled sunlight.


The front page of Lully Schwartz' art websiteThe front page of Lully's website


Lully’s recent paintings offer a great selection of skies and flat horizons. The artist paints the sky in an expansive, majestic style, selecting soft colors and blending her brushstrokes until the sky takes on a creamy, calming appearance. 


A painting of a rock on a grassy outcroppingPiece of Land, oil on linen

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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