Casual Strokes of Color: Art by Blair Prentice

An illustration composed of colors laid over a photograph of a personUntitled, illustration

Blair Prentice is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in New York. Working in the fields of illustration, graphic design, photography, and art direction, Blair works in a distinctly illustrative style, marrying bright, casual strokes of color with sketchy line art.


In his painted works, Blair favors small details and forms packed with small details. I like the way the artist chooses to forgo strict realism in favor of a very distinct style. The resulting paintings have a sketched-out, narrative quality to them, and seem to each tell a fragment of an exciting story.

A painted work featuring a wave of peopleWave of Enthusiasm Overtake Me, painting

Blair’s photographic works are in-the-moment and raw, focused on lighting in between day and night. The artist maintains an interesting focus between architectural structures and cityscapes, and the people that inhabit these spaces. The way he tries to cram as much detail as possible into a single, panoramic frame reminds me of the work of our own Eric Deis


A photograph of a clock tower by Blair PrenticeUntitled, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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