Headlines: Scion, Monopoly and Orlan

1) My Scion Gallery Challenges the Parameters of a Gallery Space

Abby Lloyd's Stephanie Goes for a Ride in the My Scion Gallery


Artists Taylor Hurley and Kathryn Knowlton have opened a gallery in the latter’s Toyota Scion. Dubbed the My Scion Gallery, or MSG, the Portland-based space has no fixed address, instead parking at a specified location for its openings. Those who wish to view the artwork are given a 10 minute ride in the Scion where the can properly observe the effect of the unstable space on the artwork. If you’re wondering about the modifications that might have taken place to allow art to be displayed in the Scion, Knowlton stated that the original idea came about when she noticed that the car had an absurd built-in shelf that seemed to have no practical purpose.


2) Jersey City Muralist's Work Painted Over Without His Knowledge

A photograph of Mr. AbiLLity's Monopoly mural before it was painted over


A public artwork commissioned by Jersey City officials has recently been painted over by the same governing body that oversaw its installation. The work, by artist Mr. AbiLLity, took the form of a Monopoly board painted onto the pavement of the Newark Avenue Pedestrian Plaza. After the artist posted an image of his design on Facebook in May, the Jersey City Mural Arts Program reached out to him requesting that the painting be realized on the street. This week, however, the mural was covered up without the artist’s knowledge. While the entire process from design to realization was fraught with city interventions, Mr. AbiLLity is still unaware of the exact reasons for the cover-up.


3) Orlan Loses Plagiarism Suit Against Lady Gaga


A still image from Lady Gaga's Born This Way video


The French conceptual and performance artist Orlan has lost her legal suit against Lady Gaga. Orlan originally launched the lawsuit in 2013, two years after the release of Gaga’s 2011 album Born This Way. The suit included claims that Gaga had plagiarized two of Orlan’s works in the imagery associated with the album. According to the Paris High Court, Orlan’s conceptual ideas of changing the human body into a hybrid form should not be copyrighted. The artist plans to appeal the case at a later date.


4) Cantor Fine Art Creates Emoji of Famous Artworks


An emoji version of Renee Magritte's Son of Man


Here’s a cool series of work that reimagines famous art pieces as emoji. Produced by Cantor Fine Art Gallery, the emoji pay cutesy homage to both artworks and artists including Basquiat, Warhol, Haring, Lichtenstein, and Botticelli. The icons were produced after the gallery took requests on Instagram, where viewers could suggest works that they would like to see emoji-fied. The emoji aren’t available on your phone yet - fingers crossed for the next round of iOS updates!


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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