Geometric Grids and Ethereal Abstraction: Art by Bethany Muhl

A long painting with  yellow washes and blue geometric shapesMusical Grid, acrylic on canvas

Bethany Muhl utilizes different painting techniques to combine geometric grids and ethereal abstraction in the form of washes of color. Combining the symbolism of nature, mathematics, physics and spirituality, the artist creates images imbued with meaning.

A painting of diamonds exploding out of a plantDiamond Sky, acrylic on canvas

I really love the color combinations that Bethany works with in her most recent artworks.  Using soft, light pinks next to fields of deep, electric blues and greens, she creates a dreamy atmosphere for each painting that just makes me want to stare at them for longer. Her recent works are quite cohesive and could function as an interesting series.


A screen capture of Bethany Muhl's art websiteThe front page of Bethany's website

Fading in and out of view over the washes of color are small geometric shapes like diamonds and ellipses, usually arranged in a grid pattern. This use of geometry together with floaty brush strokes and nature imagery reminds me of the work of Rebecca Chaperon, while the net-like arrangements of shapes lend beautiful structure to otherwise abstracted paintings. 


A painting of a pale chalice on a pink backgroundPink Chalice, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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