Iridescent Photographs and Digital Paintings by Richard Ashby

A photograph of a white orchidUntitled, photograph

Richard Ashby’s artistic practice is informed by time spent studying music, marine biology and laboratory science. The artist’s iridescent photographs and digital paintings range from pure abstraction to scientific documentation.


A macro photograph of the flower of an orchidMiltonia (3), photograph

Richard’s photographs of orchids fit interestingly into his overall practice. The artist does a lot of psychedelic digital painting and photographic abstraction, and in context his orchid photos highlight the alien appearance of these flowers. With each one focusing on a single bloom, placed in the center of the frame, the viewer is able to give their undivided attention to observing the unique colors and contours of each petal.


A screen capture of Richard Ashby's online photography portfolioRichard's gallery of photo abstractions


In his more experimental work, Richard utilizes rainbow color schemes and optical patterns, creating digitally manipulated images that are almost hypnotic. I quite enjoy Richard’s series of fractals that at once reference the unique patterns found in nature, and the artist’s background in scientific study. These repeating patterns, though hugely bright in color, have a meditative side to them, as well. 

A fractal in orange and pink tonesUntitled, digital

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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