Aggressive, Animalistic Appearance: Art by Kenn Raaf

A textured painting with a metallic appearanceLiquid 2, acrylic and metallic mixed media on canvas

Working in sculpture, paint and mixed media, Kenn Raaf creates abstract works that utilize heavy layers of paint and found materials. The artist’s dark, earthy tones and wide brush marks give his paintings an aggressive, animalistic appearance.


An intaglio print of a dancing woman on a black backgroundDanseur 2, intaglio print on Rives BFK paper

I like looking through Kenn’s portfolio and seeing some of his recent forays into printmaking. The works he has on display are made using an intaglio process, and they depict slightly abstracted human forms in the midst of a dance. Stark, white contoured lines on pitch black backgrounds give the figures a dramatic, silhouetted appearance, adding to the performative nature of the subject.


The front page of Kenn Raaf's art websiteKenn's website front page


Kenn’s sculptures offer a similar sense of movement, where a fragmented, but apparently human form twists wildly. The twisting form of the sculpture ensures a different appearance from every angle, making these sculptures quite dramatic and interesting to look at. The dynamic sculptural forms remind me of the work of Larry Scaturro. 


A sculpture of an abstracted human torso in white plasterTorso 1, sculpture

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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