Update On My New Painting Series: Antarticus

 Large painting of an iceberg and confetti


When I started this series called Antarticus I began by painting a 3 foot by 4 foot acrylic painting called Two Portals in Conversation. The shape and scale of this was clearly working well and so I created another in the same dimensions called Icebergs in Love. Again the size worked out perfectly. But lately I have scaled down to 12" x 16" and a few smaller works in order to play around with some variations on my theme. I suspect it's because I wanted to try-out some iterations that I was feeling a bit uncertain about - palm trees and brighter coloured backgrounds. Even if I go back to working more in the style I started with I just had to try out a few things before continuing on - Hey you never know when you are going to stumble on creative gold right?!


Here's a look at a work-in-progress. Awww look it's my first palm tree : ) 

Painting of a palm tree


Click here to see a looped video of me adding the final touches to one of my paintings. I made the video using Vine which I have become more than a little obsessed with. It let's you create super short videos and has audio as well. It's the one iPhone app that I actually use on a regular basis and I have been sharing the videos on my Facebook page here called Art of Rebecca Chaperon.


Besides experimenting with Palm trees I have been trying something new with geometric shapes in a very centered composition. I am really loving the effect though it's a little more sinister than all of the "rainbow confetti" I have been painting of late. I call this work below  "The Presence" or maybe just "Presence":


A painting in progress on an easel


I look forward to creating more like "The Presence" pictured above as I am really satisfied with the result and overall simplicity that is conveyed. The piece has a weightless quality to it which is nicely at odds wih the dominant energy of the black shape. I feel a strange sense of gravity when looking at this painting. I am curious about how this will translate on a larger scale as it seems to work so well on a small scale and as they say, if it ain't broke.....


Here are a few of the smaller works grouped together on the wall of the studio, some finished and some in-progress. Things are realy shaping up as the work is in full flow !


Several small paintings on a wall

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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