Emotional Connections to Animals: Art by Sarah Ronald

A drawing of a bear in deep cyan tonesCMYK Bear: Cyan, colored pencil, acrylic paint and resin mounted on panel

Sarah Ronald uses her work as a way of creating emotional connections to animals. Her works often portray wildlife in canonical portraiture, imbuing each subject with human-like personality traits and presumed relationships.


A drawing of a fox in a deep sleepSleeping Fox (I), coloured pencil on paper


I really enjoy the style that Sarah employs to create her animal portraits. The artist doesn’t aim for photo realism, but manages to capture a range of moods and a great amount of personality in each image. Using layers of colored pencil, paints and resins on surfaces including wood panel and paper, the artist builds up an image that has a great amount of depth and detail while maintaining an illustrative, hands-on quality.


A screen capture of Sarah Ronald's online art portfolioSarah's art gallery on her website


Sarah’s recent works featuring animals like raccoons, foxes and weasels are great because they showcase the artist’s skill with rendering fur in a beautifully soft manner. Each portrait is made with obvious love and respect for the subject. This sense of appreciation is contagious and makes me as a viewer want to do as much as I can to help these creatures.  

A drawing of a happy raccoonRizzo Raccoon Receives a Cupcake, coloured pencil mounted on wood panel with frame

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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